Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Family store Family Mission statement

I thought I might like to share some of the pages out of our family store handbook. It is pages and pages long so I will start with something that I was asked about. Our Family Mission Statement. I Thought I must be the only one in the world that would make one of these for our family. It is kind of funny but this is  what I came up with at the time. Does anyone know how to add word documents to blogger?  I  found a place to add documents but it costs a bunch. I want to start sharing some of my schedules, chore charts and things like that we have with the kids. So that they can be printed off by others?

Mission Statement

We will keep God in mind first and that he is the ruler! Everything was a gift from him including our time.

 Our mission as a family is to support one another as we work toward our own personal goals and goals that help to better our family.  We will strive to use respect when making decisions as we know that every decision we make, makes an   impact on not only us as a person but our family as a whole. We will support one another in our goals so that our loved ones are happy in their life as well as us in ours. We will always do our best and ask for help when needed.


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