Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 months newborn and now Videos Our Twins Baby Races video at 6 months old

While the babies were from 0-1 year Jim was in Iraq and I took some videos to let him see them. this was a baby crawl race when they started crawling. My dad is in the background trying to get our dog daisy ( a rather large Black lab) to stay away as she would have trampled the babies. She Lives with papa now. This was before we changed the floors to hard wood too. (I kind of like the carpet looking back at it.) I have also added one from last night when daddy was trying to wear them out. They are now 2 and Matthew is 1 ... the last one is


CrazyNutsMom said...

I love the videos. We haven't taken many, but have lots of pictures.

I found you on Bloggy Moms.

we are also in Michigan, 20 minutes south of Lansing. Good to see your site!


Mm said...

Thanks I have been working on more videos and made one of James reading last night. I went and visited your blog and followed back. I love meeting Michigan bloggers.

cribs for twins said...

thanks for sharing this video, love it.

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