Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please excuse my absence and errors in this post

Surgery Was Today
After being sick really starting in the summer when the doc phoned me in a prescription, then finally going into a doctor in the fall I had went through 3 rounds of antibiotics. I had a gland that was swollen and finally seen a Doctor at the Caner center  last week Thursday. Well he sent me to a surgeon on Monday who decided to take the gland out today. So I have not added my posts for the Dinner and a movie Thursday or Menu Monday... 

Me while waiting for surgery- No nurse call buttons and I was freezing w /2 blankets.

My surgery went well today they took out one of the nodes 3 were swollen. Praying for good test results as they seem to think it will be. It almost feels as if i had  sliver removed. I think it needed to come out. I am sore and tired but blogging helps me to relax now that kids are all in bed. 

So here is the list for Menu Monday.. What happens when Mom is not into cooking 

Mon we ordered in... 
Tues broccoli soup with cheese and potatoes homemade.
Wed boxed lasagna + enchilada
Thurs Goulash Daddy is the cook... He always helps with that anyways.
Fri Leftovers 
Sat Not sure 
Sun  probably roast again I need more Sunday dinner ideas..that can be a throw it in the crock pot and forget it.

I am so happy to report that today  I received an email from another book company asking if I would like to review books for them. They have books from  Howard Books, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan and others. Can't wait to see what they have although the first one they have asked me to review is Frank Perettis' newest that releases March 6th  Illusion, His first novel in 7 years... hmmm Well I do not usually Review fiction like that nor read them however being that my son was so intrigued with Frank Peretti and has read all his novels I think I will check it out.

Well I Really need some sleep as I did have surgery today and the house is silent ... Good night all  and thanks for the prayers for my recovery from those of you who I have spoken with.


Anonymous said...

Hope your recovery is quick. I have not read Peretti but have heard wonderful things about his writing. Good luck with the reading challenge. I too am trudging my way toward a goal.

Mm said...

It releases on my sons Birthday too. I will give it to him when done reading it. I need to update the books as the kids tell me to add a book and I have not had time. I suppose I need them to write what they have read somewhere so I can remember them when I get around to adding them! :) Thanks for stopping by Missy

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