Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Readers what color would you choose for this house

Today we signed the contract with the contractor for the house. Last week we signed the papers for the loan that is going to pay the contractor. I asked him to bring samples of the colors which we pretty much knew were the stock colors but here they are. Also I had Jim take another picture of our ugly house so you can get the full effect. I call it Shrek because its a big ogre with lots of layers, but Jim and  I are pretty much set against the sage that you see here. The fireplace in this back room picture 5  has that fireplace inside of it and it is coming out as well as the chimney being removed. It is not a pretty site. I actually thought of selling ad space on it as it is such an  eye sore it can be seen from the highway.. JK about the ad space but it is ugly and draws attention that is for sure.We are not doing white as we are too close to the dirty road so what we have left is one of these colors with white trim.  It will not have any of those things on the sides of the windows this time either.What do you think for a color?

Color samples

picture that was taken today that roof is new 

 Frontal -Side view that was taken in November when it was being re-roofed
West Side of the house 


Clint Baker said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering the give away! I think the Slate would be the best choice for your style house.

Mm said...

Thanks I have saved your page to get back to. I can't wait to get my garden started this year. My husband says that he really likes the slate also

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