Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Woman's Day book This week Feb 17

Outside my window... Hmmm!  Is this an every Friday thing where the snow falls and blankets our town?

I am thinking...  about how things can happen in our lives that change our perspective on everything and give us a whole new outlook.

I am thankful... to god that all of my tests results have came back normal. I am thankful for all those who prayed for me. Something with the all the medication or surgery has made me feels like I am no longer being poisoned after being sick literary since summer time.

In the kitchen... I threw something together rather quickly. I did not print the menu plan this week and decide to throw a hash brow casserole together at the last minute. I still have not looked to see what it was we were supposed to eat today.

I am wearing... Jim’s army sweats pants and a large shirt. I gave all the babies a bath early tonight and took my shower so I could send the kids to bed at their weekday bedtime. Jim left me these pants and a very over sized Army shirt to wear to bed while he was in Iraq.

I am creating... This post.

I am going...  insane wondering where to go next with all my plans for the year.

I am wondering...  how things will go....

I am reading... still reading the same books. I also have another book coming to review called Kingdom man which looks like it will be similar to courageous for men. I am also waiting to review the new Frank Peretti book and still reading through the life promises for couples.  Did I say I want to take the time to finish that book the holocaust diaries that I got for free? Today I received a life application bible certificate for free also I can turn in.

I am hoping...  for some things to change that have been needing change, just don’t know where to start at making them change.

I am looking forward to... a future full of happiness…

I am learning that it is very hard to forgive someone when they continue to do things over and over. I wonder how God does it sometimes.

Around the house... we are working on getting things prepared for the construction to begin on March 19th 2012. It should be complete by august 30th or at least that is what it said on our contract.

I am pondering... still pondering the siding colors for the house.

A favorite quote for today... “The wise learn from the mistakes of others” 

One of my favorite things... “Is that feeling I get when I wake up and realize you are next to me” You know the one that makes your heart skip a beat?  

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well since I write this on a weekend my plans are really for next week. We have a few appointments, paper work and things as well as parent teacher conferences.

A peek into my day... Kate giving me a private concert for her band concert. I just bought her the new stand at 2nd   Avenue in Fremont. 

Now that I have mine done for the week and last week is caught up as well... I am going to read what the other ladies have posted.  What a great way to enjoy my time when all the kids and husband are in bed I am can relax. Click if you want to join in keeping your own day book or read what others have to say.


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