Tuesday, February 28, 2012

dry erase craft for spelling list word wall words

2nd Grade  word wall words 

I laminated this spelling list for all of Zane's 1st  and  2nd  trimester spelling words. Each week we test him on the words for the week. This week he is having a test on all of the words. We mark them off when he gets them right and check the ones that he either missed or I felt he needed more work on. Using a dry erase marker you can erase and reuse this. My favorite gift from my husband aside from those sentimental gifts like my diamond ring and Opal necklace was this machine  for laminating my owns stuff.  If you do not have a lamination machine. Most people don't want such odd items for a birthday. Right? Just use the plastic sleeves for binders. They worked great,  before I received this gift. I did not clean it off real good before the pictures as he needs it to practice tonight, but it will clean up nicely. I do not home school my children, however we do teach them a lot at home as it is needed to support their teachers at school. Don't worry about my grammar I may have messed up on that is why we have the teachers help teaching our children. :)   I also attend socialization with babies where I am able to plan crafts and learning activities. I will be doing a post about  our next one soon as it is done. I am planning the craft based on a dentist theme as the mobile dentist will be coming.

 He had to learn the difference between to, too and two this year s here it is used in a sentence. 

 It's not too difficult to use them, once you take the time to learn what they mean - and do some practicing too.

He also had to learn the difference between their,there and they're as shown in this sentence. 

They're there waiting for their car to be repaired.

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