Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take a pic with your phone or save a web page and store it on Clipix

As a blogger, I often find myself asking my family to stop what they are doing so I can take a picture.  Once I bought my new Smartphone I started to use it to take pictures. The quality was better than my digital camera and there are so many ways to send it to my  accounts online. This week I Discovered Clipix.  I plan to use this to take pictures with my phone and add them to a board where I can later use it on my blog or share it. 

It was very simple and free to open an account. Just log into clipix and choose how you want to sign up. You can use your  Facebook or Twitter account or sign up using your email address. I chose to use Twitter which was very fast. I followed the prompts and my account was open within seconds. Once your account is open, you then drag the "Clip Button" to your bookmarks bar where you can click on it whenever you want to save something from a web page. This video will explain more:

Upon signing in you will see  they have already set up boards for you that you can begin adding clips to. By all means if you don't feel you would use boards with the names they have made rename it like I did. You can add boards for other subjects, share boards with friends, add more boards, or  email, tweet or share it on face book with the button on the bottom.  Synchronize a board  so that your friends see the things you pin in real time and add it to their own clips.  Aside from the phone application my favorite part was that  I can choose to share with only me,  only clipix friends or everyone by clicking on the  lock button. Privacy can be important when sharing certain items. 

Here is a screen shot of my multiboard. An awesome feature of this is that I was able to create a board called "holiday crafts food" that is a multiboard. It  has another clipboard inside of it for each holiday. Looking at my clipboards in the screen shot they look pretty empty as I just opened up this account. This multi board feature is another of my favorites. I plan on having a  mulitboard labeled "house" and making a board for each room for decorating ideas to go on inside of the multi board.


 As of today they have an app for IPhones to go with it that you can snap a picture and add it to your online boards. They are in the works of creating the app for Android. In the mean time, I have set up my account so I can organize and name my boards and add some webpages to them. Anytime I find something I want to save all I have to  do is clip it and this little box pops up to let me choose what board I want it to go to. Later on when I want to get back to a webpage I can open the clip I saved and click on "View at source." It will go back to the page I found it on. I can not wait to get the app for my Android when it is released. Here is a screen shot of where I added a tab to my Facebook page for Clipix. This is pretty neat as I can share all of my clips with my Facebook fans. 



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