Friday, February 3, 2012

World Book Night April 23rd

I Applied to World Book Night a while back to be a giver and got my letter today saying I  am excepted.   Around April 23 I will have 20 books to hand out to people who are not normally readers. The point of this is to encourage  light or non-readers to read. Apply to be a giver yourself and you will be able to hand out 30 books in your area on world book night. You do not mail them but hand them out to people in a public place of your choosing.

This was from my application:

 I believe that reading is how we fill our head with positive things to encourage us to take action in our lives to become  a better person. These books have the ability  to make the reader feel and understand  integrity, self control,compassion, patience, generosity, thankfulness, Friendship, love, fear, and so many other things. 

I choose to give my books to men because I feel  they need to know it is okay to feel these things in order to lead their families. Developing a love of reading is a great start to accomplishing great things in life.

                                                       Missy Rogers

You still have time to enter to be a book giver.
 There are a few requirements to become a giver. Everyone who applied with any care or thoughtfulness will get their box of books come April 23.   Fill out the application with who you want to give the books to and why, being able to drive to pick them up is another requirement. There are 30 well known books to choose from. Some are more family friendly than others. They also are too be given to people above 18 years old and you choose somewhere in your area to give them that is a public place. This is not a giveaway where you mail items to others.
Here are 2 of the books I have chosen but will need to pick one more to giveaway. 

 Sign up now to be a book giver. applications will be accepted until February 6Th At midnight.


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