Sunday, March 18, 2012

another surgery this week court..late menu update 2 many pics sorry

 I had this done just not posted. ha ha We had court MONDAY which made it a busy day as well as Monday is a homework day. We ate frozen pizzas; This does not happen in this house very often at all so I think we can handle it for a day. Alex and James were busy playing cars and having a blast. We took some time to read and when it was bed time we read a book to get all of their wiggles out. Sierra and James have been working on following directions for school. A much needed lesson for Alex is Listening and following directions as well as paying attention. A great game that works on this is Simon says so the book I have  was great It is clap your hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Each page interacts with the child by asking a question or having them do an activity like “reach for the sky, wiggle your toes.” The kids loved it.
Surgery  Was Wednesday during the day so I told the kids they would  have to help Jimmy Daddy with Dinner. That is okay though as Alex loves to be the Jr cook.

How did court go monday???.. Well  one of these days when I no longer want this to be a family friendly blog I might tell ya...  we do have another hearing though..
 Tuesday was a great day for the babies as they all got a present from Mrs Judy for our part in the reading challenge we did with them....

Wed Surgery went well ..My blood pressure was very low and they had to get it back up before they would release me but other than that  I was fine. I came home and helped kids with reading homework and chores... Once they seen mom doing work after the surgery they knew I meant business and got the chores done.. ha ha.  yeah right.. they all decided they would clean the bathroom as that is the easiest chore.. ha ha.

Wednesday at the hospital very swollen and trying to share my
food with Matthew .. had to eat to leave... 

Matthew and his book
Matthew and his book 2 

Sierra and her book Tuesday
School at the house with the babies and the teacher .. we get down on the floor and make a mess and have
a blast

James and his book and certificate 

The construction starts Monday and so we had to get some things in the house done as well as clean around the outside of the house so there is nothing that the guys  have to step on while working... As much as I tried to stop working so I could heal things had to be done. I am sore and beat... the kids had a blast playing in the yard. especially Alex and the baby boys.. The other kids got bored quicker but Alex and the baby boys kept playing until we made them come inside. Mosquito repellent worked pretty well though they have some bites. Ugggh  I am so sore and Dead and If you are a mom you may know what I mean when i say don't go in for surgery and expect to come home to relax to heal. I still had tons to do and Jim told me on Friday my 3 days were up.. The doc said i should be ready to work within 3 to 4 days... if they just explored... since they cut and burned some adhesion's and some Cysts.. I think I get more days. .. but hey.. I did dishes while sitting on a stool as no one could.. Kate still made it to church on Wed and Sunday 2 times and meg still got her cookies baked for class.  This is a week late.. and I need to make a menu for monday of this week.. I was so swollen from surgery this time as they had to breath for me and they bruised me everywhere.   If  Jim every has to have a surgery he better hope his mom is around to baby him because if it is up to me I will teach him a lesson... If someone is going to tell me to sit and  don't worry just rest they better be wiling to work.... get the things done that need to be done and know that we have a deadline means get your butt motivated..... I was   on my hands and knees working on wed... and it was BULL @#$# quite honestly... Thats about all I have to say about that subject... 

Monday: Frozen pizzas… Yuck
Tuesday: Crockpot steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans.
Wednesday:  Taco salad
Thursday:    Leftovers
Friday:    Grilled chicken sandwich. (Boneless skinless) with homemade fries and chips and dill pickles the kids love.  that is too much work with my surgery so I am opting for something easy... Tacos are very easy as we still have lettuce cut up and lots of tomatoes...

For breakfast we make  the green eggs and green juice for the kids as well as green pancakes while we listen to Irish music. Somewhere I have last years pictures.  Anyways this year I am not sure f we will do the breakfast hing or not as I am still sore from surgery and just now getting Mondays menu plan on the site.. We have had to go to the file on  my computer to see what was for dinner all week.

Sunday:    Hoping to have a Sunday dinner after church if i feel like going.. Don't even feel close to going.. 


Paula said...

I cannot believe you had surgery and had to do all that!!!! Where the heck was your husband? What is it about men that think women never get a break. I remember when I had my last baby and a tubal ligation, came home from the hospital cooked and cleaned the house from the mess HE created while I was in the hospital. Sheesh. Maybe that is why he is my ex-husband. Take care girl. You don't have to be a super hero :)

Mm said...

LOL yeah he was here working on things cooking and stuff that guys don't normally do and he does... he is just so darn slow about the things that we need to have ready for this project to start...and not worried that things need to be done on a time frame.. I don't know where his head was... He did let me sleep in.. that was a plus. he is usually really good at helping with kids and things just seems like with all that needed done this week he was not as into it as I was to get it DONE. Thank god tomorrow is the day the construction starts and Maybe things will slow down. I still say you are right he could have put some effort to do more and work faster... oh well... its a new week now right lol

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