Friday, March 23, 2012

Asbestos siding removal & marital disagreement

Something that my husband Was very upset with me about was that I would not allow him to put his mask on from the military and a suit and remove the Asbestos siding on his own. I realize that the Military mask is made to allow a soldier to breath in the event of military warfare. BUUUTT...   I worried about his health and the pieces of siding getting in the air on his suit and getting around the house. Today a company came in to remove it for us at a cost of  $700.00  This is a 8 x16  piece of the house that needed removed. Jim could have removed it for free. If I could have made it up to him by paying for it out of my own pocket I would have, however we have the same money being married so  that was not possible to pay him with his own money.  So Here are the steps they take to remove the Asbestos Siding. If you mention the siding my husband gets mad about it all over again... Every time.
Babies standing in the crib. They watched the Dumpster be delivered for the yard and construction waste . Then the Truck pulled up for the asbestos Removal

So happy to see this sight.
It means that they are starting the work that we have been waiting for. 

This is the guys sizing up the job before putting suits on.

Once the guys had suits and masks on they  removed a large board that was covering a hole in the house.
{This was a house that had been foreclosed on  when we purchased it. The main part of the house was a one bedroom. One story built in the late 1800's. Since many additions have been built as the house has been burnt 3 times due to electrical. The last time it was rebuilt was 1957. In the 70's a loan had been taken out to remodel as well. This is the loan that  resulted in foreclosure.} (All information about this house has been from older people in our town)  

If you look to the left hand side of this pic you will see
the spray handle and also the tape that is taping the area off.
One of the things they had to do to begin was tape the area off with tape that says warning
 asbestos. They also had to
  cover everything on the ground with plastic
and spray it with water. It all went into this cardboard bucket which was taped and sealed shut to be sent to a
Dump site.  They will take the bucket to their dumpster they then take that to the dump site near Lansing where they  cover it with clay so it does not blow into the air.  

They had to try to remove each piece without breaking it. If any was broken then the
guy with the sprayer had to  spray    as to not get any in the air. 


Kasey said...

I can see where your husband is coming from but I have to say I agree with you. His health is worth way more than $700 (although that is a lot of money)!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I think that you made a very wise decision. Sometimes it's worth the money to keep it safe for you and your family.

Mm said...

Thank you so much, i think you are right.

Asbestos said...

Generally the employees who worked in the construction, shipbuilding, mining and demolition industries are calculated to have experienced the greatest exposure to asbestos, and its the responsibility of the employer to manage asbestos and this charges employers.

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