Friday, March 9, 2012

Bi-polar parenting M's new attitude

I was standing in the Kitchen the other night telling  M, I do not understand where her new attitude came from and that she needs to do her chores. "No! I am not doing it!" "Fine M, If that is how you want it then you need to stay out of the living room with no Television, no computer and you are  still grounded from leaving the house"  Her homework is behind, her clothes are not being hung up and I do not understand where this new attitude came from. Suddenly Z comes up and says "Mom, Can I call my Grandma?" I turn to him and say "Yes, Honey that would be fine."  M turns to me and gives me a rotten look and says "bi-polar, You were just mad at me and you talk all nice to him" I said "M, I can not punish him and be upset with him because I am mad at you for not doing your chores or homework. Do you want me to get mad at you when he gets in trouble?"  Sigh.... It just seems like I went through this with K who seems to be getting over it... though she is still behind on her homework and needs to get caught up.  Her step mother was good enough to help her the other weekend when over there. This was a nice change as usually it has been that when they go to their dads they do not do homework and end up further behind. hoping for her to get some caught up this weekend. M on the other hand seems to have left hers here. Conveniently.


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