Thursday, March 1, 2012

My first Hen meeting with grandmas friends.

First of all so you know what kind of grandma I had, although christian she had a sense of humor.  The first time I met her she asked me for a contraceptive device  to put on an old mans pipe. "What did you say grandma?"

"No I really want one to put on his tail pipe of his car so it will blow up when he starts it." then she burst out with the biggest laugh that I will miss forever. "Yes!!!  I will take this grandma. She is a match." She was a foster grandma in a mentoring program. throughout the years I forgot she was not my real grandma.

Last year grandma asked if I wanted to go to a hen meeting with her. She said its just a bunch of us women sitting around laughing visiting  and eating. "Don't worry we don't pass dirty magazines around and drool at them." she said Well in between being sick and all the stress going on around here with my sons dad in court (which is another blog post I don't get into on here) I did not go with her. I did not make it to fix her computer and I should have tried harder too. (that is a post on taking time for ones you love while they are here even-though I seen her every Tuesday.)

My huge taco salad tonight YUMMY
Off the subject Missy, I went to the hen meeting tonight. My very first one. I met some  of grandma s friends at the what ever (Craw daddy's is called now) I ate this huge taco salad. The one where you eat the bowl. I am planning on going to Zumba with one of the Grandmas. Their were 5 of them there tonight.  I have my doctor apointment tomorrow to talk about my pain from the scar tissue and what can be done about it so we will see how the Zumba does  with the lower back pain. That was night. Jim was sick and was left home with kids all evening. I went shopping before my hen meeting lol... oh 3 of us there tonight have husbands named Jim.  Can the world take any more Jim's? ha ha 


CrazyNutsMom said...

Hen meetings sound like fun. But maybe it's because I miss my grandma so much.

Enjoy those meetings, and make time for them (like you said). It sound like your gramma is a spitfire! :)


Mm said...

Thanks, I am planning on going to them every month. I loved it. Who would not love to hang out with a whole group of grandmas once a month. It was great.

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