Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple womans Day book late post from Friday..


Outside my window...It is Friday again and the roads are slushy.

I am thinking... that this past week has been very different for me. As soon as I posted my day book last Friday I got the call that my grandma had passed. I am usually home all the time and have actually been out and about this week. I went to the hen meeting with grandmas friends. I had a great time and met some very nice ladies. It may take me some time to learn their names. There are 6 new Grandmas in my life now.
I am thankful... for my pain the butt husband. Last week at Grandmas memorial I was so upset that I did not want to speak. He spoke for me.  He also stood up and spoke about grandma to everyone there and gave a good word. He was really there when I needed him.

In the kitchen... I went shopping and bought stuff for chili for next week as well as cereal. I am going to eliminate any cooked breakfasts and eat cereal to save calories. We eat very healthy meals around here but I need to lose some weight and have not been able to exercise with my health problems so it is getting to my waist.

I am wearing...this shirt that came open at my sons
kindergarten graduation last year. My husband took pictures and did not notice and no one told me. I dont wear it anymore after that. It was a great picture with my bra showing.  Oh well more embarrassing things have happened

I am creating...a list of what must be done before construction starts.

I am going... to start Zumba as soon as I can.  I missed the Day of Dance this year. We were at Grandmas memorial service. I am not sure if the girls realized we missed it or not.

I am wondering...  how I will ever get everything I need to get accomplished in the next 2 weeks. It will have to be with God’s help because it is a lot.

I am reading... nothing
. To myself as I am too busy. I always make time to read to my kids though. With the boys I am reading Geronimo stilton books. Then we get books from Alex and the kids library books they bring home. We are quite a bit into our reading challenge as I added many of the books they  had read so far this year. I am not able to add.

I am hoping... That my surgery will help me so that I can get back to normal activities

I am looking forward to... a very busy week to end and get some rest and relaxation though I think that will not be until after construction starts that I might get to relax. They are starting with the outside and siding.

I am learning that it is nice to get out of the house alone.

Around the house...Busy busy busy

I am pondering...  what to cook tomorrow. I went of my menu plan and had tomorrow’s meal today. Today was leftover night which I will make for lunch tomorrow. I may end up making that chili.

A favorite quote for today... the one that was on grandmas
night stand when she passed. Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away

One of my favorite things... a hot relaxing bath.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Today I went to my appointment for Adhesions and my surgery is scheduled for the 14th.  
 We are working on rearranging some things as we have less than 2 weeks before construction. Also we have dental appointments and my son has an appointment as he is overactive in class. He does not stay on task. I have looked over some methods of changing his diet to see if that may help though most of the things it says to eliminate, we already dont use. We also have school for the babies this week and the teacher will be here on Tuesday.

A peek into my day...
It was before he had his hair cut  
but I love the picture of him praying
this was Matthew this year 1 year old. Yes, it looks as
though he could not see through his bangs but he
usually has it wet so it curls up and is not in
his eyes.
This one was James last year 1 year old  he is now 2 . His siblings say Dear lord Thank you for this dinner and day please bless this food to our body AMEN He says "Dear lord thank your for this food and this body AMEN"


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