Friday, March 9, 2012

simple woman's day book night 3 am edition

FOR TODAY    NIGHT let’s take the sugar coating off the cereal.

Outside my window...The drunks are speeding by here and there.
 Oh, come one who else is out this time of night? I know a few in particular that it would make my day if they would get pulled over just once more. Of course the Christian in me prays that they will have good things happen to them. So I better throw those last thoughts out the window. P.s it is not snowing this week on Friday for a change. Of course it could change by the AM. this is Michigan.

I am thinking...
 that my daughter Sierra is going to end up one spoiled rotten little girl the way her dad does anything and everything for her when he hears her cry.  It is begging to upset me because it is getting worse. Of course her and her strawberry milk are in my bed right now and I am up.

I am hearing: wow the sound of Sierra crying when Jim tried to put her back in her own bed. Oohhh… nope there she went in ours again.

In the kitchen...   Yeah… I am not real big on the kitchen at this time of night.

I am wearing... Pajamas
I am creating...This blog post

I am going...  no where this time of night but would be really interested in sleep at this point.
I am wondering...  how I will ever get everything I need to get accomplished in the next 1 week. It will have to be with God’s help because it is a lot.

I am reading... this blog post to proofread it as I write it. That is about it.
I am hoping... I am always hopeful that is what keeps me going.

I am looking forward to... a very busy week to end and get some rest and relaxation though I think that will not be until after construction starts that I might get to relax. They are starting with the outside and siding.

I am learning that all seasons pass and then we miss them. I am learning to enjoy even the nights like these where I am up at 3:30 Am and my daughter is in my bed and will not sleep.

Around the house...Busy busy busy

I am pondering...  the blog posts I started and did not post yet. One is on lowering some of our bills around here. Pretty mush nothing I post will be in a set order as I post it as it is happening. I do try to do this day book every Friday though and the menu on Monday.

A favorite quote for today... the one that was on grandmas
 night stand when she passed. Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away<<< I want to point something out about last week’s quote. Grandma, sometimes those moments that take your breath away are not good ones! Did you realize that? I am sure you did. I wonder what the quote for that is? Oh I know “BREATHE JUST BREATHE”

One of my favorite things...  right now it would be sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  Well the insurance did not cover the Doc I had planned for my son so I am waiting for an appointment with the one that it does. Then there is court on Monday (His dad is fighting the order the judge signed as he does not agree with it) this is reality people. As I said in the header up there, I did not follow Gods rules and now I have things that I would not otherwise have had. Like Child support cases, Court dates etc etc… It is so funny lots of times when I post anything to do with god I lose readers then I get readers from a Christian based sight and I lose readers if I blog about anything that Is not in a perfect little world. Well this is my world and it is not perfect. As I stated before we are not the Duggars. he he  Which by the way I am not so sure that those girls are happy about always having their moms baby on their hip taking care of it. I still have not watched the show though only been reading about them. My daughter is sleeping in there and I am off to bed .


Paula said...

I smiled and I laughed out loud at this post. I so totally agree with you. I too am not following God's word for I have a second husband also. But who says that was not God's plan for me in the first place and I got side tracked when I married the first time. Anyway it is hard to get comfortable in religion. I keep struggling with it all the time. And sometimes I write about it. I figure if I lose what. I found your approach refreshing.....

Mm said...

I feel bad that my life did not end up that way but at the same time.... God forgive me and Like you said I have learned MUCH more in life with my experiences than i woudl have other wise.. Maybe it was meant to be this way.

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