Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boy Girl Twins 3 years old babies birthday Costume themed party

My kids love dressing up in Kids Halloween Costumes and playing around. We had a tote full  of  Costumes  before I began packing everything up for construction. I love having themed birthday parties. Sense the kids get to choose rather they have a theme or not I usually have to save the themes for the babies. The kids don't usually choose an elaborate theme. Last year for the babies I had fun with a western theme. This year I was thinking of a Knight in shining Armour and a princess. It is their 3rd birthday Party. Being Boy Girl  Twins it makes it really fun to plan. 

One year my daughter had a princess party with a disco ball. She had a daddy daughter dance that she loved. We had sleeping beauty sandwiches and a castle cake. This party made memories for all involved that will last a life time. Too bad I did not have a picture of any of that any more. Too many computer crashes I think throughout the years. Anyways. I am in the early planning stages of my babies party. 

Our anniversary is May 2nd and then its birthday season. This is the birthday that starts the Birthday Season around here. 
  •  James And Sierra,June 26th,
  •  Papa June 29th, 
  • Kate's is August 25th, 
  • Zane September 7th, 
  • Matthew September 8th,
  •  Me October 5th, 
  • Alex November 15, 
  • Jim January 1st, 
  • Megan February 5th, 
  •  Troy March 6th. 
 In between we have some holidays of course. It is  time to start thinking about birthdays soon. I am hoping it won't be then that we have to be out of the house while they repair our bathroom. (We are getting a whole new bathroom. It is pretty much like building an addition where the old one is. Kate I know is having a Movie Theme. Popcorn , movie  and snacks. I am set on the Knight in shining Armour with a princess theme and I know the babies both will love it. I can't wait. So if you see ideas popping up I am sharing don't be surprised.. I might look into Adult Halloween Costumes Also this time who knows. 

James The Knight In shining Armour
James 2nd Birthday party Western Theme

Alex at school with his 2 friends

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