Monday, April 9, 2012

Choosing a siding color is like getting married. Were having Cold Feet

 you have to live with it until death do we part. Well it does have a life time guarantee on it so they say. I also will not be able to afford to buy another house that I know of so. I better like what I choose. Last week We told our Contractor we wanted Clay. After a drive through town I was sickened with all the Clay  and Khaki houses everywhere.. Then I noticed that Even the businesses downtown were all tan colored and I had a change of heart. Ever notice when you buy a car you see a million of them passing by everywhere you drive. Well I have not  noticed many houses that were the Grey colors we liked so we are looking into them. The thing is The contractor wants to know so he can have it delivered. Tomorrow or the next day. We were lucky to have caught him before he ordered it. Jim is clearing a spot for the next dumpster to be delivered for the contractor. He says it will be here a month. I hope it does not stink. :(:(

Here are the pictures from the computer program with the colors I noticed they look different on mine and Jim's computers so They are much better in person. We are running out of time FAST haha.The guys already have about 1/3  of the Soffit done. We do know we want that all white no matter what luckily.

Heritage Grey

Slate Grey



Unknown said...

Clay is good, don't go too light because it will show EVERYTHING, you can cover a lot of dirt with a tannish color (is that a word)

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