Monday, April 2, 2012

final Siding color choice yard work the chimney continues..

This is the new set up I choose for the windows. They are the same size;
though, they look like they are not in this picture.
This is a utility room right now not sure what it will
be when we are done. It was to begin with My Mom Space.. Jim has a Work room in the basement  with all his tools.  I hope that I can have this room back as I love all the windows and my mind goes crazy with all the ideas on making it into a craft, reading plant room. guys will be back in the morning to finish putting the windows in. At this point it is all board over this studded wall. Another nice thing is this had no electric in it and it will have outlets now.

I am sure we have this much more. I am thinking
the trailer idea was much better and less effort. 
Wood and junk that was in our woods.
Jim had to wade through the
pricker bushes.

So last week we had a dumpster to remove a bunch of items from our yard, garages and sheds. When we moved here there were items on the side of the garage that was hidden in the woods and all around by our creek. What a mess that was. Then we had piles of items my husband had to wade through raspberry bushes to dig out. He had gotten all the stuff by the garage sorted last year but we never took it to the dump so there it sat. That is all gone now as well as old carpet his mom did not want she had left in our attic.  I think our yard around the garage still looks horrible but most of it is metal that needs taken in to be recycled.  The rest is our garden tools that we use. Mowers, plows etc. We bagged up 24 bags of leaves to have the city pick up. Jim later took a trailer load of brush in as well. Sometimes I feel like we work like farmers around here. Luckily we have no animals. Trying to get all my posts on here caught up. Construction is being done by others but it still takes rearranging of our house items and things to get it done so its still adding work.

 The siding color choice was Clay. Why? Because one of our neighbors houses was khaki and I did not like it as well... Sorry if its your house but I am glad I seen it down there Cause I have to look at this one the rest of my life. The clay was between the khaki and the a grey when I held them together and I liked all 3 somewhat. I was afraid that the darker colors would fade. That was how I choose.  Jim said "Whatever you want between the ones we both liked." So It is starting supposedly tomorrow after they finish the wall where they took down the chimney. That is another thing I am excited about. I had them put those windows in 18 inches from where they were so I have a little wall on each side of the windows. I have a 35 inch space in between where I can add a T.V.  picture or book shelf. 


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