Friday, April 20, 2012

Mommy Panel Question of the week

Is there an age that you fear having your child go through the most?

I did this a little differently this week. I had Jim answer also since he was sitting here.
ME: Is there an age that you fear having your child go through the most?

Jimmy: Daddy: "all of them, Hopefully they can see us being good Mommy's and Daddy's and incorporate that into their later life. There are so many negative influences in the world.  He says, "Their watching Sprout until the age of 30 I don't care!" 

ME: "What about dating?"  

Jimmy: Daddy: "UGH! Who knows, I will find out when I get there. I have 2 teenage girls I have to worry about soon."

That was his Answer. Guys are so funny about their little girls especially. In case you don't know Sprout is a children show that is a  PBS show. We do not let the babies watch any shows that are not Dove family approved. We try to keep them little as long as possible.

Me I think at all ages there will always be a worry. When they are born Mommy can't take her hand off them as they sleep. She can't stop from checking them to see that they are breathing and when they grow a little older we want to stop them from falling when they learn to walk. It goes on and on as we prepare them for the day we finally let them go take care of themselves.  The worry never really stops.


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