Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mommy Panel What pre-kid indulgence do you miss

What pre-kid indulgence do you wish you could still have?

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This one is easy. It is the  one on one time I had with my husband before he and I had kids together. When it was just my kids they went to a sitter every other weekend (Well their Dads lol) and now we have only been out one time in the past 2 years with out kids. We did have a blast though bowling and I some how sadly lost the pictures on my phone. Once we had kids together it all changed and things like going out  to have a fun kid-less night were harder. This week we had the chance to meet the pistons (all expense paid with the wounded warriors and it is not happening.) It is our weekend for the kids.  I do not miss the drinking partying hangovers though. We love  all the kids but moms and dads need mom and dad time. Someday these little babies will be big and I am glad to have them little and not go out as much. I am going out miss this. Being that I have a 17 year old I know it all to well. 


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