Thursday, April 5, 2012

A new tool for lawn care, so many projects to start in spring

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I was telling the babies School teacher on Tuesday about the new spreader I want to get for lawn fertilizer. I am not that schooled on what to use on the lawn and when.  Part of fixing this house up is going to be the landscaping. Honestly with the house being so ugly  before us siding it I just did  not think  flowers would make it look pretty so we have just been slowly working on the lawn until the siding is complete. This new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System is really neat.  Of course you have to buy the spreader which I found for under 30 bucks and then you buy the product  you need and  snap it in. This way no pouring it in and it eliminates spilling it all over.  It has a sealing system so that if the bag is half full you can  pull the bag  out and it remains closed. This way you have no leftovers spilling all over the garage floor  either.  It also has an edge guard feature that keeps it where you want it. This is great for keeping it off my back yard walk way.

er]The part I like the best was that on the web page I entered my zip code and it told me what to use and when.  This is great for me since I do not have a clue about how to grow grass. It recommended that I fertilize 4 times a year early spring, late spring, early fall and late fall. It even included the  dates based on  my zip code.  The products I found available were, Fertilizer, fertilizer with crab grass preventer, weed and feed, insect killer, and a few grass seeds.



This lawn is blotchy and has lots of weeds. We really need to work on it this year. The septic changed the whole look of this yard including the hill.





I signed up for  Snap perks on Facebook and after answering a few questions.  I was entered into some great drawings they have going on also. 




I have a spreader that we bought from Jims' Aunt Judy and Uncle Don at their annual garage sale a few years back.



 It was great for spreading the grass after we got the new septic last summer. I  do agree that it was messier than the new system. The bags of leftovers are still sitting around for animals to get into. It also does cover a wide are and is not as easy to spread evenly. With the new system it is set to give out just the Right amount. All you have to do is snap, lock and go. When you are done  but still have some left  you can pick the bag back  out of the spreader and it remains closed.  

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Paula said...

Sounds cool to me...

Mm said...

I got a 10 dollar off coupon today when I did the snap perks on face book. I wish I could get a few more of those. :)

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