Thursday, April 12, 2012

tutorial with screen shots add a signature in yahoo mail

I like to do these and some one asked the question on the FWC page so I am throwing this together for them. I hope this helps.

In the left hand corner when you are signed in to Yahoo you will 

Click: Options
Click: Mail Options

Now Click Signature in the left hand screen

Where it says
Don't use signature click on the drop down men and change it to Rich text
At this point you have 2 options.
1) you can directly enter the url that you want
in this case, and press save up at the  top.

2) Continue on and type some text.
You can then highlight the words you want them to be able to click on to get to the desired page. 

Once you highlight the word that you want them to be able to click on to get to the desired page
you press the link button . It looks like a sideways 8 SORT of  
 This box pops up and you can type the URL in it. It already has the http part so you just have to type

Now whenever you compose a message this will appear at the bottom of the page automatically.  Of course you can make it say what you want. Point it to what page you want and
you can highlight whatever word you want to make a clickable link.


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