Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whats happening on my blog giveaways... Galore.

Well my blog started out as a place to share pictures of my day with my husband when he was overseas and it is turning into a giveaway blog lately. This is okay though I will still write things about my life and family on it but It will have reviews and giveaways mixed in.

Our life presently: We are remodeling our house as we have been.

 Megan is participating in the Girls On the Run. I am planning on doing the 5k with her although I am thinking I will be doing a lot of walking due to my adhesion's and back pain. I have been eating Special k with milk that is watered down and skipping any other type of breakfast or lunch trying to lose this weight. I don't want to be a skinny rail that looks like I am on crack just want to be a healthy weight.   I was planning on helping with a sale that is going on at the church we attend on an irregular basis due to life circumstance, however; life circumstance stopped that this week. I am still planning on going to the garden meeting on Saturday though.  Kate's hunger strike thing is coming up this next week also. Roxanne and I are volunteering at a band event which I think will be fun also.  She has played clarinet for the past 2 years.  Kate also has a yard sale coming up at our old  church we used to attend. She still attends and they raise the money to go to camp for the summer. I will save my donations for that I guess.  That is what is going on with the family. The siding is coming along great. Well, So far it is just soffit and Fasia but I am loving it.

As for my blog things are getting busy and I am getting behind. Jim is in the other room right now still working on that wall which is coming along great.  I have typed a few words here and there on this and then I have things to do and come back to it. Ha, But here it is. I have to proofread it every time I come back to see where I left off.

I received a copy of a neat book to review and one to giveaway called straw bale gardening today. The author Joel Kirsten was very generous to send them to me. So far I am in love with this book and can't wait to finish it and share My review with you all.  I also have a giveaway coming up for 100 post cards from Today I received a feature card from Future Fortified. They are featuring some of the bloggers who have done posts for them and here is the card they made me. I love this picture of the babies and I cooking. We were making some sort of potato casserole.  I am part of a Dyson Vacuum Giveaway and also a Kindle touch that will be posting within the next month. Check the link on the top left that says giveaways to enter my giveaways and check back as new ones will be posting. They keep Rolling in. Thanks for Reading and good luck on the giveaways if you enter. Oh I have to pick up books for the Book night to giveaway in my town this week as well.


Paula said...

You are such a busy mom that reading your blog makes me want to go take a nap. Take it easy girl! You do a good job

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