Tuesday, May 1, 2012

College courses. classes what to do???

So a few years ago I was supposed to start school. I worked hard with the State Of Michigan to get my student loans in order and paid and then life happens and moms school comes last. At times I think, "I really don't NEED it so why waist the time and money?" Then I think, "later in life when kids are grown I will need a job." Well God has given me the ability  to write and I have figured out how to make money with it. Who uses those 20 thousand dollar degrees anyways? I know lots of people with degrees and they can not get a job in the field they paid for college in. I could use some courses in better grammar and  punctuation and some math classes to catch back up. These classes could help me to be able to help my children better with homework. I know there are people who believe that everyone should be educated in college. Myself I think that it should be the moms choice. I was looking up college classes though and I ran across this site for classes I wanted to share. It is  called Adirondack camps    They have fashion design, modeling, photography, magazine publishing, web video production,  make-up and hair artistry, and styling as well as Television production. That would have been a really neat school to go to way back when I was 18.  
 I think I will enjoy being at home with the children an keep school on hold. Why let society pressure me right now to take time away from the babies right.  There is a reason I don't fully home-school my children the teachers are a great help. 
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