Monday, May 21, 2012

Menu Monday Fruit Kabob Recipe

What we eat when we have construction going on.... 

It is a busy time for us but luckily we prepared meat a few months ago for construction time. We cooked ground beef that we seasoned for various meals and froze. We also made chicken that way. Even with that we still have been eating out more than I like. Here is the Menu for this week and our busy schedule.

Monday Megan had Girls On the Run tonight. She had a 5k and guess what?  As all the girls took off in a big running heard we could not see  Megan to tell her she forgot her inhaler. Of course Mom to the rescue. One time it was okay to be a Helicopter mom. I walked the track backwards to bring it to her. So I did a 2 an a half K this evening.  I am in no shape to run after working all day around here. We then went and spent a fortune on the healthiest fast food I could find. Subway. 

Tuesday: polish sausage and canned potatoes Fried together 
(Babies Teacher comes)

Wednesday:  Hamburger Helper 
Dad has a  Va appointment 

Thursday:  Enchilada bake (frozen and in a box) 

Friday:   Sandwiches and easy stuff... Kids are leaving also

Saturday: Out to eat.....Wedding 

Sunday: Hamburgers on the Grill. I froze them in patties that are not yet cooked.

 Menu plan software Review   Read the review as it is really neat how you can clip recipes  offline and they import right into your menu  plan software. Even if you don't menu plan use it to store recipes.



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