Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Siding is near completion... some Pictures....

They had to start in the back because of the way our house is. We added this  lattice under the deck on the west side also. I will add a picture of the gate in another post.

The stairs are new as the old ones did not have rails on them.

notice to the right there was a branch from the Oak Tree hanging over the house. 

Tree cutters came and cut that down for us. They were friends of my Grandmas and gave us a GREAT DEAL!  

The windows are not yet wrapped and they are still working on the So-fiat and fascia on the end. The tree branch was still on the front lawn in this picture. 
 This is not the end of the siding. I wanted to share what has been completed so far. It is actually a little more complete than this but I have not loaded the pictures to my computer.  The back side of the house is not yet complete and will not be until they extend our bathroom out this next week and totally rebuild it. They were supposed to start today but the concrete guy could not get out until Friday and he did not want to leave us with out a bathroom any longer than he has to. I have been researching plants for the front yard and can not wait to start planting and landscaping.  In the mean time they are bringing us a enclosed trailer to put all of our belongings in. It will be like we are moving. I did not realize that we had to do this until today. I knew we had to get some things out but not move all of our things out. That is fine with me as when we move the stuff back in I will not keep very much of it. I just wish I had money for a new dining set that was big enough to fit  our little Army. We squeeze around the one we have and it is really to small for us all. Anyways that is the Siding for now.
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