Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slow down past my house please.

We live on a highway that seems to start right at our house. Everyone  heading west is speeding up as they are leaving town. Everyone heading east starts to slow down right at our driveway. As we start to slow down to turn into our driveway people pass us on the right. They end up passing pretty close to our neighbors yard.  I often worry that the neighbors children will be hit while playing. On many occasions we have been nearly hit while trying to get into our driveway. Last year I called the city about getting Traffic Signs  put up. They said that in order to get Street Signs put up we have to go through the county.  The county says in order to get Traffic Signs put up you have to go through the city. I found this site where you can buy Road Signs but I do not know that we could put it up with out getting a permit. I would love to see this have a School Zone speed limit because we have a school right down the road. We do not allow our children in the yard to play unless we are out there with them; however, when they get on the bus the driver has had to honk more than once at cars that do not stop for the bus lights. They come around the corner at such a high speed they are unable to stop for the bus by the time they see it. For this reason I do not allow my children to wait outside for the bus. When the bus comes to a complete stop they head out the door. If you are in our area and reading this please watch for the bus and slow down as the police officer is aware of this and does patrol this area looking for speeders. My husband complained to him. 

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Pat said...

I live in town and they like to see how fast they can get from one corner to the next and street signs haven't helped but hope you can get something that will work on your area.

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