Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stress less Kitchen Tools Review Trudeau Pizza cutter, Grater, opener, Pepper salt Grinder

Trudeau Stress-Less Kitchen tools with a  Lifetime Warranty!!
I was so happy to get the chance to review these. I have to admit that when it comes to certain things I am Stuck in 1943. I have so many kitchen tools that are handed down and they still work. I am not still using a bag phone, although I  did just finally upgrade to a Smartphone. I love it now that I have it and realize I need to step into the present with my kitchen items. I still use a Pressure cooker quite frequently also. Please click to read the rest of my Review as the Giveaway is over. The winner  won  a set of these kitchen tools that retail for $143.00  Follow us for more great Giveaways!

I'll start with the can opener. I asked Jim to get me can opener with an all metal handle awhile back.The cheap ones I had been using to replace my old metal one just were not holding up. I would have liked him to get one that could open the cans in a way that they could be reused for crafts but he found one that he thought was good so that's what I got. It is already broken. This one from Trudeau works great and opens the cans from the top so that you can use the teeth on the side to flip the lid off. It makes it so you can reuse the cans for crafts. Although it is a plastic one it is very heavy made and has a lifetime warranty. This also spins really easy to allow the babies, including our 18 month old Matthew, to help me open cans when they are being my "cooker doodles". I love this part because one of the best ways for a busy mom of 8 children to spend time with babies is to have them in the Kitchen helping. This set is also easy on my wrists that I have trouble with. 

This is my set next to my old ones. Notice the size of the blade on that pizza Cutter
Salt and Pepper grinders need barley a crank to get a fresh and flavorful seasoning on my food. I love that. I had been looking for a grinder but could not find one that was just right for a good price and looked like it would hold up. I settled for buying the disposable ones and even those wear out before they are empty. These ones I noticed have metal grinding parts inside them and is very well built. 

The cheese grater has a spacious area to put the cheese in and comes apart for easy cleaning. It also grinds very easily and is designed in a way that fits your hand very well while you hold it. 

The pizza cutter was what my husband liked the best. Of course men always like the biggest and best. This pizza cutter is huge compared to our other ones. He says it cuts very easily and the large, somewhat covered blade makes it worry free. (Yes! he has been in E.R. in the past from cutting himself so he likes that the blade is covered well.) He also says it comes apart easy to clean. It also grips in your hand well.

This Garlic press makes it great to add a garlic flavor to your cooking as well, although I have never had one and am used to doing all the work. 

Thank You, Trudeau for allowing me to Review these great Kitchen products.
*Disclosure: Missy at was given free products to try and a set to giveaway to one lucky winner. All opinions are hers. The winner will be notified by her. Your information will be given to Trudeau so that they can ship your products.

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