Saturday, June 9, 2012

Megan Received The President's Award for Educational Excellence

Please Excuse her hair as she just got out of the
pool a little before this pic..:)
When Megan was little I read her Little Critters All By Myself  OVER AND OVER. I was so proud of her when one day she read it to me. Megan has loved school since she started at 3 years old.  When she was in third grade her teacher did not have the books at her reading level so they had to be brought from other teachers in higher levels. Earlier this year her teacher sent one of her writings in to a young writers competition. Although she did not win she was happy to have hers  chosen as an entry. It was no surprise to me when her teacher called  earlier this year  to say that she had one of the highest MAP test scores in the school. Her test scores have always fallen in the high advanced  range on everything she has taken.  Yesterday  she came home so excited and surprised that she had won  this Award. We are  so proud of you Megan.   
Her letter from the President!

Her award Signed by Barrack Obama and a metal pin!


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