Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Womans Daybook June


Outside my window... the house is finally fully sided. A few more pieces of Soffit and some Trim and it will be complete.

I am thinking... that the work can not be done fast enough.

I am thankful...for all the life experiences god has given me. (even the bad ones as they make me stronger)

In the kitchen... The Drywall is almost complete and will be ready for floors and counter tops this week. 

I am wearing... 2 towels...1 On my head and 1 on my body. Well you asked!!! 

I am creating... So many creations going on around here. My favorite is some old Drawers from a waterbed that I am making into benches for the kids playroom and a chalk board wall.

I am going... no where there is too much work to be done.

I am wondering... Where Jim put his good hammer I bought him and my pry bar. I can not find it anywhere.

I am reading... Big Bottom Blessings. Good Christian book

I am hoping... that the house is done QUICK!

I am looking forward to... the future....

I am learning that money wins on earth but it will not win in Heaven... Wait I knew that already.... 

Around the house... we have been getting so many compliments on how well the house is coming along.

I am pondering... What color to paint the bathroom.

A favorite quote for today... Hard work makes a house a home. 

One of my favorite things... is being able to spend some time cuddling with all my babies.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Drywall, Trim, closet doors, and who knows what else.

A peek into my day... I lost my Diamond to my ring night before last or so.. maybe last night.. Today after all this time searching I found it. The babies were "helping" me carry a bucket and Matthew pushed it so hard it hit my hand into the wall and flung it across the room. I did not notice until a few hours later. Thank you Lord for letting me find it. I feel naked with out the ring but Jim was going to buy me a Promise to fix your diamond later ring while we looked for the diamond so I would have something on my finger. I told him I will still take a sterling silver ring. I am not sure if they can put this back in with the prongs broken.. 


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