Monday, July 2, 2012

Chalkboard Film Review Ez Instant Makeover

Chalk Board Film Review (Sorry you missed the giveaway but check back for more great Giveaways and Reviews.)
Finally there is an easy and creative way to update your home without spending an exorbitant amount of time and money! EZ Instant Makeover offers faux

stainless steel, faux granite, chalkboard film and more. The possibilities are endless. Give your counter tops the look of granite and your appliances the look of stainless steel, all in one afternoon! Add a chalkboard with your menu du jour, and your kitchen looks brand new! EZ Instant Makeover products have been featured on the Today Show and The Rachael Ray show because of their innovative and creative ways to update your home. These products were even used on the set of the new Men In Black movie! One product that we really like is the easy-to-apply chalkboard film. We chose to put a large square of the film on the door to our garage, where everyone in the family comes and goes. This way, notes and family updates are always seen! But there are literally hundreds of uses for this product! Check out a few of the ones we found:   Wouldn't this be adorable at a dinner party or wedding rehearsal dinner? This was made by applying chalkboard film to a silver tray (check thrift shops for cheap trays to use!) and voila! A super creative little welcome sign. Use the same idea to make 'reserved' signs for banquet or reception tables!         Looking for a few decorating ideas? Love a Soho-Shabby Chic look? Pick up an inexpensive table, add some chalkboard film and you have a unique piece that your guests will rave about. You can use this chalkboard film to make a craft table for the kids, add squares to mason jars and fill with dried beans, pasta, sugar (or candy!) or simply frame a piece to make a place to leave love notes. We found the chalkboard film to be extremely easy to apply. We used a 2' x 2' section and it took just a little over an hour. The great thing is that it can be moved around so you don't have to worry about it being crooked! Here is what the company says about this great product: This PVC film would be great for home or school use! It is black chalkboard contact paper that can be written on and wiped off just like a real chalkboard. It can be easily removed when you are ready to change the wall. The size is 24" x 4'. A few suggestions for use:
Inside pantry or cabinet doors for a quick place to jot shopping lists or phone numbers.
Refrigerators - Leave important notes for the family.
School teachers - could be used to cover table tops or make lightweight personal chalkboards for students when applied to cardboard.
Parents - great for making small travel boards to take in the car or putting on closet or bedroom doors for an inexpensive art studio!
Students - easily cut to size for use inside lockers.
The paper is self adhesive, washable, durable and easy to apply and remove. If you are familiar with the T.V. show "Good Luck Charlie", our film can be used just like the chalkboard film used in the kitchen in the show.

In the meantime, please visit EZ Instant Makeovers on Facebook or Twitter, and to see what others are doing with this great product, check out these photos on Pinterest!


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