Monday, July 9, 2012

Living out of boxes.... Menu Monday

Megan's Box ... BTW they had a great sale at family dollar buy 2 hanging items get the 3rd for a penny. The flip flops were 30 cents.. totally worth it the way they go through them.

The babies (I call all my kids babies) were gone and so... We ate out at burger king. Jim left his  sandwich on the porch and I video taped the Raccoon eating it. while he was not looking.. when I find my cord I will load the video. Lol 

We are sitting for our niece as she watched our kids yesterday and we can't be in the house for 2 days for construction anyways. 
cookout Grillers, chips and snacks galore. We have to spoil them while were here. She usually takes our kids and we rarely take hers. Glad to return the favor.
Babies are going to Grandmas for the day. 
Dinner Salad with bacon. & Yummy...Sandwiches
Last day of sandwiches I hope.Sandwiches  Served with veggies, dip and fresh cut cucumbers with Garlic seasoning on it.  I have not been posting my menu as we have been eating mostly sandwiches all summer during construction.
back in the house by today I hope

Taco salad. Its always so easy after taco night to turn the leftovers into a salad rather than eating it 2 nights in a row.
mac and cheese and hot dogs.. 
Burgers on the grill

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