Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Mommy panel

 This weeks question is:

What are some tips for taking away a pacifier? My answer is this.. Take it away cold turkey as soon as possible. The doctor may recommend that your baby keep it for a while as they need the sucking. As soon as the doc gives the okay take it away. The longer you wait the more screaming you are going to hear when you take it away. That's the honest truth. I know it is hard. It is like taking the bottle away. A warm bath Rocking them to sleep and singing them a lullaby might help at bed time. Get them into a new routine that does not require a pacifier. Although that is my answer. It is not that easy. My son and daughter both suck their thumb and I actually thought of giving them a pacifier to break them of thumb sucking so I could take the pacifier away.

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