Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something grand for your #secretsister #secretsisters

Our life has been taking us away from being able to attend church though I still keep in contact with a few people from the church. We have not been there in so long I feared they would take our mail box away. I asked a friend to check my mail for me and it was gone. Luckily Zane came home with it and his grandma grabbed it for us.

Anyways, I did  get a secret sister.  The funny part was that before I even got the form saying who she is I had already been praying for her family. I am sure she has no idea who I even am  let alone that I would be praying for her. For some reason I just feel for a person and think they need prayers. I am sentimental like that.

So, all along praying for her family and I finally get the card saying who my secret sister is it made me think I need to do something really awesome for my secret sister. What could I possibly do for her? She does not know me. I do not know her. I have no money and my time is so taken up with this house and the kids that I have not even weeded my garden bed at church. I have not even had the time to attend church and GOD is supposed to be first.

It was then that I realized that I was already doing the best thing that anyone could ever do for a person. PRAYING FOR HER!!!
Yeah I should send her a post card in the let her know I have not forgotten her. It would be nice to send her a gift card to go out with her husband to a nice diner or some other earthly item. Flowers? Maybe!

But in the end I realize how great it was when I was sick awhile ago and due to knowing people all across the WORLD... I had people praying for me all around the world... That is something that could never be matched by any trinket or date night.

To know that I have a secret sister who is praying for me somewhere across town is a great feeling. To know that god is listening to her and my prayers is even greater.


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