Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progresso™ Frozen Specialty Sauces and Pastas & Menu Monday

Progresso™ Frozen Specialty Sauces and Pastas

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This is a busy week and supposed to be the last week of our major construction projects.
Today I was able to try a new sauce from Progresso that is  currently available at Meijers. You can find it in the freezer section near the frozen pastas. They have Marsala, Roasted Red Pepper and White wine sauces. The Marsala recommends Chicken while the Roasted Red pepper recommends White Fish and the White wine sauce recommends serving with chicken or fish. They also have new frozen pasta that comes in...

Italian-Style Beef Ravioli and Tri-Color Cheese Tortellini. I can not wait to try these as well
. It was very a very flavorful sauce with a garlic taste. My husband loves flavorful food and loved this sauce. You would not have to add any seasonings to this meal as the sauce is flavorful enough. I can not wait to try the other flavors which I have in the freezer for later. Please visit their page and . This was a very easy meal as it all came out of boxes and cans and still had a gourmet flavor. I was very impressed and my husband loved it. Enter now to get a coupon for a free sauce good at Meijers. The only catch is that you must be near a Meijers to use the coupon.


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