Sunday, September 30, 2012

In my opinion: How much responsibility do you place on your child's teacher? Middle school

You do not have to Home school to be involved in your child's education! The truth is you are involved in it from the time of their birth. The foundation of their life is built on your time. You play the biggest part in how they turn out. The teachers may have them from 8:30 to 3:30 every day for the school year but
in the end, it is your choices that will effect them the most.

One year my daughter had the best teacher ever! She tried so hard to get her to keep up her math work. She would always call and let me know she was behind. I tried so hard to keep up with it and no matter what she kept getting behind. This teacher went above and beyond and even dropped off her books  and instrument when she left them at school. With a custody battle I was having with my sons dad, 2 deaths in the family  and the house repairs it just seemed like she was always playing catch up with a bunch of pages. Because of all that I had going on I had to have  her tutored 2 times to have her get  her work caught up. Was it her age that was causing the problems? She was at  that age when boys no longer have cooties?  That may have been part of it but the biggest part was all that was going on in her family.

Some of your child's grades have to be pinned on them. By middle school they should be getting more responsible. They should know they have homework and do it when you ask them if they have any. At the same time they are not smaller versions of a grown up. They are still children and need guidance. Middle School is not the time to let them take off and do as they please assuming that they have their homework done. Most of the time you still have to watch their grades to be sure they are keeping them up.

I used to get upset that my child would have a bad grade but throughout the years I have learned to ask " Can I help you with anything to  get that grade up?" If it involves math I send in Jim to help as he is better at it than me. A teacher only has so much time in a day and she has to get the amount of teaching that is required by the state for her class in. Sometimes that requires a lot of homework and sometimes it does not. It is not her fault that your student is failing. It is YOURS! She has your child one hour a day. You can not expect to send your child off to public school  and not take any responsibility in their education. It does not work that way. Teachers don't have the time to do all of what she is required in a 1 hour period.

I seen a sign that said "you gave up your rights when you sent your child to PUBLIC SCHOOLS"  I disagree with that because like Grandma always said "it takes a village to raise a child."

Disclaimer: This article is written  in my opinion from experiences gained raising 8 children. What defines Experiences to me is messing up and learning from it. I guess that is why we ask for Grandmas advice. She was not always such a prude. She had some fun back in the day and she had her share of "experiences" Don't let her fool ya!


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From a teacher... thank you!

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Your very welcome!

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