Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Job openings in NEWAYGO

So I been trying to decide if I wanted to start school or just get a job again for now so I called Plumbs today  and they are hiring. He said he has about 20 openings. The problem is they are 2nd and 3rd shift jobs and I won't work either of those shifts. I can't and still see my kids. He said since it is a union shop you have to get those shifts starting out. He said they have 2 Deli 1 bakery and night time stock person  and cashier. I think it was 3-10 2nd shift for the deli and bakery. Just thought I would post this in case anyone was looking for a job that would take those shifts.
I also called Michigan Works and they hire there for MAGNA Donalley the woman said but again no first shift. :( So if you hear of a first shift  somewhere let me know.)

I am thinking its better for me to get a job since Jim's injuries wont let him do much and he most likely could not keep the job with all his appointment's.


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