Friday, September 14, 2012

My #FisherPricePlaydate Dress up Party!

Missy's Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Playdate Dress up Party!

We are very excited around here as we were chosen to host a Party for Fisher-Price and  House Party. House Party partners with different companies to bring you items to host a party in your home. Since we were chosen for the 3-5 year old boy party we received a box of toys and goodie bags to hand out.
I created a board on Pinterest so that I could save some party Ideas. I am planning on having the kids dress up like a character from a castle as they all love dress up. This Gives the girls to be a princess and boys to be Knights in shining Armour. They are all excited. Yesterday Sir James found the box of toys and started opening them. I was hoping to surprise them all with them the day of the party. :)  This is going to make a great addition to the play room for sure. 

The First box for the guests!

All the stuff for the Goodie Bags! 

I would recommend signing up for house party as it is a great way to entertain and have a party for the kids for free. Well of course you have to supply the food. This is another great way to save money and have fun on a budget that involves 8 children. My box of toys for the kids to check out also includes the Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle , Imaginext® Dragon, Imaginext® Ogre, Imaginext® Castle Accessory, Imaginext® Castle Figures, Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage, Rev ‘n Go Stunt Hauler, Rev ‘n Go Vehicles and Batteries for toys. We can not wait to have some little friends over to play with us. I will post the pictures of the party and all the toys after the party. 

  • Take home items for guests:
  •  Imaginext™ coloring book
  • Imaginext™ DVDs
  •  Fisher-Price® catalogs
  • $10 off coupons
  •  Gift bags
  • Gift tissue paper sheets
  •  “Play Tips” cards: Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • “Play Tips” cards: Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage
Oh yeah and I am working on a party for Kmart also. Hope I get that one too! :)


Unknown said...

I love hosting House Parties! I'm sure your kids will love it!

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