Thursday, September 27, 2012

Organizing Series: Newaygo Counties Online access to school records & more

A great tool I have found for organizing is the Skyward. This is one of the best tools ever when It comes to helping my children stay on track. Everyday I receive an email saying what my kids current grades are.  If they have missing assignments it shows up on the calender. Skyward now offers an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android,  You can download it to check you child's grades on the go! Emails that your child's teacher sends can be forwarded to your regular email as well. My daughter loved... that I asked her why she was late for 4th hour today when she came home. That was a sarcastic loved. :) How did I know? I set it to send me an automatic message when the children are Tardy or Absent. I am going to look into the app tonight. This is a sample of what your email will look like that they send you letting you know your child's grades. I wont say which child's this is but it looks like we need to give her a little more help in Math! You also get one that has the attendance  that looks the same. Another thing that skyward is nice for is Email. For instance Kate's teacher emails the list of words they are working on in Spanish class and I make her flash cards using that list. When she comes home I usually already know what we need to work on. I do the same thing with many different subjects with the kids and use Flash cards   a lot to help with teaching them. Something about skyward that can be hazardous is that it may show they have an F if the teacher has not yet put the assignment into the system that they have turned in.

Period 1 - 6 PE/HEALTH (6016/01) - P2
Period 2 - 6 Literacy Enrichment (6005/02) - P2
Period 3 - Social Studies - 6 (6012/03) - P2 - A+
Period 4 - Language Arts - 6 (6007/04) - P2 - B-
Period 5 - Math - 6 (6009/05) - P2 - C-
Period 6  - Science - 6 (6011/06) - P2 - A+
Period 7 - 6th-Extra Learning Opportunity (ELO/6-4) - P2 

These are great to organize the kids flash cards in. They were on sale at Pamida when they went out of business for 30 cents each but normally run a buck which is still well worth it.

The next thing that the school has that is a great tool for helping your child succeed is the after school program. This is especially helpful for middle school as they do their homework there. When they are done with that they have play time with the other children. My older kids love this program although you have to weigh your options. They get home at 5:15 when in after school program and if they do not have all their work done in the program it can really mess up the schedule. If they have classes that do not give massive amounts of homework this can be a great program to help them succeed while having socialization with other kids. I like that Kate and Megan can get extra help on some things that I may not be that good at but I really don't like giving up my Mommy time with Zane doing his homework. It also lessens our time for doing flash cards. Zane and his spelling tests are a prime example of how well they work. If I take a few minutes a day to study with him he can get an A every week.  Each time we study he gets a little better and misses fewer. You never Know what you can learn helping kids with homework. This week I learned that Monkeys can recognize letters and kind of read, How to make some fancy charts in math, How to count way higher than 10 in Spanish and the definition of Piano.
piano 2  (ˈpjɑːnəʊ) 
— adj , — adv
music p  (to be performed) softly
[C17: from Italian, from Latin plānus  flat; see plain 1 ]

If your school has either of these programs available I would highly recommend them.

My next organizing post will be about how we manage our time after school to get homework, meals and chores done and still have time to play with all these kids! 

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