Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organizing your Middle School kids

3 years ago Kate started Middle School. It was apparent right away that the amount of homework had seemed to triple on her right from the start compared to 5th grade. That was also about the time she was suddenly fascinated with boys, wanted to try her hand at Basketball and started playing clarinet in Band. We were also going through an awful custody battle with my sons father and remodeling our house. This year Megan started 6th grade. She asked to join basketball but did not take the paperwork  back in that I filled out so she missed the deadline. I knew I needed some ideas on how to help her get organized. I remembered the email I had gotten from Jodi regarding her class and asked her if I could review it.

Disclosure: I was able to take her course on How to Survive and Succeed at Middle School for free in exchange for an honest opinion of the course.

Currently, She has four teleclasses available on this page of her website:

The topics are: Reclaim Your Kitchen; How to Survive and Succeed at Middle School; Organizing 101 - How to Organize "Stuff", Paperwork, and Time; and Get Organized for the Holiday Season.

Each teleclass costs $25 and is about an hour in length. Each class comes with a MP3 recording and a PDF handout.

One thing I have noticed about child rearing 8 children  is that you have to be as organized as a preschool teacher or you will soon be replaying a  horror scene similar to those in  Daddy Day care in your own home. In her course Jodi covers many things about organizing your child's backpack, binder, locker and time to help them be more successful in school. Many times homework is completed at home with my children and it does not make it to the teacher. Many times paperwork I have filled out for the teacher never makes it to her and I have to fill it out all over again. I found it helpful to take this class to learn ways to teach my children how to get organized to help them succeed.

This post is the beginning  of a series of post I am doing on organizing and time managment. Please follow my blog using one of the methods on the side bar to read them as I post them. The next post in the series is


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