Friday, September 28, 2012

Who is that in front of me with a food card and a smart phone?

That would be me!!!   Why would that be? I got my contract on my Smart Phone BEFORE we realized that my husband was going to be broke.  And by the way we can't afford to pay the bill on it so I use it as a camera, calendar and to check email. I am now going to owe money on that contract that I do not have.
He is going to the Va all the time for appointment's related to an injury he got when he decided he was going to volunteer to fight for his country. His country is  including the person asking me that question. He would have died for all of us. The only one I know that would do that is god and an American soldier, or a fire fighter or some one in a related field. 

 A while back I was standing in line at the grocery store and a kid says "what is a Food Card Mom?" The dad says "Oh that is what working people pay for, for people who don't want to  work so that they can eat" Okay I will give you that. It happens that some do not want to work and use the system as a way of life.  I think that with the amount of money my husband paid in making Military pay he has paid for us to collect a little back while the government gets off it's butt and gets my husbands records straight.  Jim wants to go back to college and retrain for a job that he CAN handle with all of his injuries.

 When we got together I worked and Jim Watched the kids in between his training's and military happenings.  It then switched to him working and me staying home for a short time and when he went overseas I stayed home and he was gone of course. My Ex husband has always worked and supported his  children. I have always made sure that they have clothes and a roof with the money that their dad pays for support. I have also made sure that they have the chance to attend events in school that will better their futures. 

 Do you ever stop to think about a persons situation when complaining about a persons food card?  How does it make that person feel that they have worked and now they can't work? Michigan Economy is horrible these days. Things come up that people don't plan.  Soldiers count on being taken care of when something goes wrong only to find out that they are not nor do they really want to be. They are PROUD! Not just soldiers but a real man in general. Do you know how hard it is for them to ask for the help to support their family to begin with? These guys are wired to help others not ask for handouts.  Do you know how hard it is for a man to sit home every day and do house work when he feels he should be supporting his family? It was very hard for us to finish this house as far as we have with his back being that way it is but we did it. (All except the trim) Haha We will see how long that takes. 

Once I went to 2 different stores in the same day where a very nice cashier waited on me at BOTH stores! I then had to run up for something I forgot and seen that same girl buying her groceries after work with her food card so that she could go home and make dinner for her family. 

Another time I seen a single mom who I always see putting many hours in at her job go over to the food truck that was in her job parking lot and get some food to take home to her family. She put it in her car so that she could take it home and cook it when she got home later. She then went back in to finish her shift up.

I think people need to look a little deeper before making judgments! 

Anyways this is my vent to those who are lucky enough to have a job, been born rich and find the need to complain about a world they have not had to endure. For all the rest of you I am here for ya and I feel your pain.

This post was not my usual sweet post but why sugar coat life. It is hard! But we can make it! 

I will be starting some posts on making things work in the Michigan Economy that can come in handy for you no matter what state you live in! I will be sharing some recipes that can be made using food pantry items, and also resources as I find them. I know that there are many in Michigan that can use the information. I have some previous money saving posts also that you may like. Most things I post for events are going to be very low cost family events also. You don't have to sit home and hide out because your dinner was bought on a food card!  I do however think that you should not waste it all on donuts and never look for a job or try to better yourself.  by the way this blog you are reading is how I help out a little with my families expenses as It is not going to work for me to be able to get a job right now with all the Va appointment's my husband has.  He has days where you will see him walking in the store to use his food card for groceries and other days you might see him using a cane or driving the little cart at the store. Feel free to tell him "Thank You" for his service. He loves to feel appreciated as all he does now is sit home with his family. If you have a resource or cheap yummy  recipe you would like to share please email it to me using the contact tab at the top of this page.  


Sherry said...

I for one and am thankful for your husband's service and say shame on anyone that wants to judge somebody else's situation. We all pay taxes and definitely need help one way or another.
I pray that things will get sorted out and that you all will be able to handle that economy better. It's bad everywhere. I am in Southern California and it is horrible! Blessings!

Mm said...

Thank you! I know that God will always provide for us and I have learned to trust in that through out the years. Just when you think it is not going to get better he comes through and it is looking up. I am glad to hear from you Sherry, I have not been to your site for a while and just noticed you have 2. I will have to go snoop around there tonight when we are done with our kid party and I can have Mommy time.

Paula said...

Missy, I am one of those people who have judged that woman that is standing in line in front of me with her smart phone and her food card. But the ones that I have seen also have on an expensive pair of jeans, tattos, fake fingernails, nicely styled hair and that expensive pair of boots that I can't afford. I am sorry for your situation. It is just not right that your husband served our country and we are letting him down. Hopefully with the election coming soon, we can do something about the leadership of this country and do right by your husband and your family. I will keep you in my prayers. And I will think about you the next time I want to judge that woman in line using her food card and try not to be so harsh in my thought.

Mm said...

I understand where you are coming from. I have been judgmental also at times. Totally understand and I also have felt bad for the cashiers who are waiting on all these people all day working and then cant afford food for their families or qualify for any assistance. The system is just not set up right. I wondered where you have been as I had not heard from you and was thinking yesterday " I wonder what ever happened to Paula?" I was so busy trying to finish the house I had not been on here much until recently again. Glad to see you are still around and I will stop by your blog and catch up.

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