Thursday, October 4, 2012

#fisherpriceplaydate #houseparty Our party The whole Truth...

Fisher Price recently provide me with the stuff to have a House Party for the kids. I had planned it for weekend before last and then realized it had to be changed so we had it this past weekend. I planned that I would make a castle cake and some themed foods to go with it. I had some games planned as well. I thought I always share my honest experiences so here it goes. The theme being castles we borrowed some costumes from a friend who sells them used, online at The Mouse In The Attic.

First I called Grandma and asked her to make me 3 cakes that I would use for the castle cake. I had made one before and as my memory at the time served me it was made with a bunt cake and 2 flat cakes. About an hour before the party she called to tell me she dropped half of the bunt cake. "No big deal, Bring the other half" When she got here with it and I tried to put it together I realized I told her the wrong cakes to make. It was supposed to be 4 bread pan cakes and the bunt cake in the center. You stack the 2 bread pan cakes on the left and 2 on the right and then cut the bunt cake in half and use it as the center of the castle that joins them together. The cake ended up being a blobbed mess by the tie I was done so I laid it flat on the board it was supposed to be set up on and flopped some frosting on it. I had planned to take the Pizza balls my husband made and use them for props for the catapult they gave me. The food was a disaster, In fact the worst disaster any of my parties has ever been. I was embarrassed to show it to anyone it was so bad. We threw the pizza balls in a bowl and called it good. I planned to make sleeping Beauty crackers like the sandwiches I made once for a princess party. You take lettuce and lay it on a open sub bun for the bed, You place the meat on top of that 3/4 of the way up and then use your mayo for a head and mayo for hair. I forgot the crackers and the sub buns so I had to use bread. They were sort of cute but not what I was going for. I tried to tell myself it was okay that the food looked like a bad Pinterest experiments Jim had showed me earlier. It was the first time one of my guest had been to one of my parties and that made it worse. :) lol Ah well I am still not back in order after the house repairs and organized so I can blame my brain or lack of on that.

 A few kids were sick and unable to attend but we still had a lot of kids there. They had fun and they LOVED the Fisher price toys we had for them to play with. They each got a coupon for 10 dollars off in their goody bag that Fisher Price provided and some other stuff including a really neat movie. We never played any games and we did not watch the movie like I was going to. Mostly the adults visited and the kids played. The kids got to play with Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle , Imaginext® Dragon, Imaginext® Ogre, Imaginext® Castle Accessory, Imaginext® Castle Figures, Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage, Rev ‘n Go Stunt Hauler, Rev ‘n Go Vehicles. I was not sure which toy set was their favorite. This was not my normal party as the food is usually great and I usually have games. I realized that its okay that this once I was a horrible host and the food flopped. I think its normal to have things like this happen sometimes. The important part is we all enjoyed each others company.  I would add pics of the food but I can not seem to find them anywhere. Maybe I did not take any... Ah oh well that memory was better off not captured. 


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