Sunday, October 14, 2012

Giveaway: Personalized Children's Book from: My fairy tale books

Personalized Children's Books help your kids learn to read all while making it fun. A child's imagination is one of the most important ways they learn and grow. Personalized Books are a great way to help enhance a toddlers or young child's imagination, by making them the star in their very own storybook. All of My FairyTale Books Personalized Kids Books use the child's name, hometown, age and much more to create an exciting reading experience where your child has the leading role in their own adventure. Whether being the star in their very own circus to helping Elmo learn to count, there are many adventures your child can star in. A customized dedication is also included to make this a truly special gift that the child can cherish for years to come.

  We got the "My Tea Party" book for Lily for her 4th Birthday! It is adorable and we were able to personalize it with her name, her cousins' names, and a message at the front. It is so sweet and she just loves that it is a book about her and her friends. This is a precious gift to give to a child. These make great Christmas gifts and you can save 10% at checkout by using coupon code XMAS2012
MyFairyTaleBooks also has a new book called The Good Friend! The Good Friend will be the debut children’s storybook unique to My Fairy Tale Books' current array of personalized children’s products. The story at its core is one of friendship, what makes a good friend and how to build strong character in our young children.
The main character of the story is your child, as each of our books will be personalized per customer. For example, Stacey, The Good Friend or Kevin, The Good Friend. In a time where bullying is on the forefront of many families minds, we aim to bring to market an age appropriate story with positive life lessons.
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