Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recipe: Homemade Pumpkin Puree Freeze for later

The pumpkin seeds before we roasted them lol..

Cut the pumpkin in half and clean out the seeds and strings.

 Flip it upside down on a baking dish with about 1/8 cup of water to keep it moist.

Bake at  350 for about 30 minutes (You can check it at this time to see if it is done as different size pumpkins may take longer

When it is done scoop  all the pumpkin out of the shell and blend it.  

Now you can place it in  freezer bags based on how much you need for certain recipes. 

 This made 8 cups from..
3- .99 Cent pumpkins Most of the recipes that we want to make with it call for  15 ounces.  Some call for  1 cup. We made various size packages to freeze based on some recipes we found and wanted to try. 

Make sure you write how much you are placing in each bag on the outside. You can later go to the Freezer and grab the bag that has the right amount for each recipe. 

You can store this for 10-12 months in the proper Freezer storage bag or container.

Blend up the pumpkin in the mixer
 after you bake it and scoop it out
My wonderful husband doing all the
work while I  take pictures! Love ya honey!

I am re-posting this from a post that we made last year. I love seeing these pictures as I can see how much work has been done in the house.


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