Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sneak peak at one of the Michigan Giveaways that will be starting Monday: Review and Coupon code for PARNEVU hair products

The Made In Michigan Giveaway is now scheduled to start on Monday October 29th. Here is a Sneak peak at one of the items that will be up for grabs. This company is also taking part in the Michigan Businesses Giveaway that will be starting on November 1st. (COUPON CODE ON BOTTOM OF POST)

A BAD HAIR DAY on a Spur of the moment Trip
to Chicago November 2010 to see My husband
during a 2 hour layover, on his return from Iraq.
  He was heading to get care for his Injuries.

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I have been looking for products that will help with my dry, frizzy hair for years. When I ran across the chance to review these products I thought they may work for me. The person I spoke with about doing the review stated that they are marketed for African-American girls but told me which ones she thought  would  work for my hair type. I  have included a picture of a bad hair day a few years back as well as  what my hair looks like now that I been using Parnevu products for about a month.

I was sent   ·       T-Tree Shampoo
      ·        Extra Dry Leave In Conditioner (Extra Dry formula)
      ·        Extra Dry Oil Replenisher

Parnnevu Hair care products Michigan Business Made in Michigan
One of the first things I noticed was the scent of the T-Tree shampoo. It has a distinct, relaxing scent. The Leave in conditioner was a large tub that can be easily scooped out while you are doing your hair. The Extra Dry oil Replenisher looks much like Chapstick in a tub. I thought The shampoo seemed to dry out my hair at first but realized that it  had just cleaned it really well. This is the type of shampoo that does not seem to lather when you wash your hair.  When I added the Conditioner it added moisture into my hair. It took quite a few scoops to get through my long hair but there was still plenty left.  The Oil Replenisher was unlike Anything I had ever tried because products like that are normally marketed to African Americans. I really liked how it added oil to my hair that helped tame down the Frizz. I used too much the first time and it looked very greasy.The second time I used less and it helped tame the frizz without looking Greasy.  

The company that I am reviewing for ask that I give my honest opinion including any criticism  as it will help them to improve their products in the future based on customer honesty. I would like to suggest that they try marketing these products to everyone with Curly, Frizzy or dry hair as well as the market they target now. Because products like these are marketed for African  American women I waited many years before trying them. 

Parnnevu Hair care products Michigan Business Made in MichiganAbout the company: The company that makes Parnevu, Advantage Research Laboratories Is located at 21841 Wyoming, In Oak Park, Michigan. They currently employ about 15 Michigan Residents. PARNEVU products can be purchased online, on their website at or at your local beauty supply store. I have  found that they are rather inexpensive considering the prices of most products found in Beauty supply stores. If you would like to try their products please feel free to use the coupon code they have given me.

Receive 25% off on your purchase at of any 3 or more products.
Use coupon code Michigan25 at checkout.
Coupon valid until December 17, 2012.

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