Saturday, October 27, 2012

To My Blog Readers...

I am going to apologize in advance as I am about to re-organize all my recipes. In doing so each one will  have it's own post. If you are on my mailing list I am hoping they come all in one very large email. I
will schedule them all to post at once with the blog feature that schedules post. If they come as individual emails I am very sorry. I want to make it so that recipes are easier to find so that when I create my drop down menus you can find a recipe easily under the proper category  After this as I add recipes they will be in their own post that I can link to from my Menu Monday. Thank You for reading. I am glad for every one of you as without you my blog would Just be a high Tech Diary. :) I have lots of things in store for my blog, Lots of giveaways getting ready to start and I hope you'll stay. Thanks A Bunch, Missy 


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Thank you so much for your kind comments. After I have recently began getting many spam comments with links in them to sites that are less than family friendly, I decided to stop allowing anonymous comments. Please feel free to comment on our Facebook if you do not have a way to comment on here. It is pretty easy to sign up though. Missy