Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updates: Mortgage, Va claim, Court, and about those Hot Mama Boots

Mortgage: After paying this whole house off, putting Jim's entire severance pay from his injuries into rebuilding half of it we needed MORE money and back power to finish it. With Jim's injuries it was too much on him to do all that work with only me as a helper. We found a great program through Newaygo county to get a low interest loan and finish it up. It is finally finished and we signed our papers to make our mortgage official on Monday. I will write more about the program in a later post. So we now have joined the rest of the world with a Mortgage. This was not something we wanted to do but felt it was best to get our house done and up to the codes of 2012. It is now done except for putting trim and  emptying our storage out, A few things upstairs and our dining room floor.  That could take a while and its livable so I think we will survive.

My husband the moment after I told him I would marry him.! HMM.. What is he thinking???
To read more about where we are at with the Va claim, Court and them Hot Mama boots 

VA:Jim has been going to VA appointment's for 2 or 3 years now and they finally have the medical paperwork completed for his VA Claim. After reading it today I realize why he is so sore when trying to fix the house up. All 3 sections of his spine  have issues.  He has High blood pressure, Sleep apneia, a hernia, Arthritis in his hip and something not right with his shoulder that was injured and had been operated on and some sort of problem with his nerves that causes numbness among other things. He still wants to work though and has been meeting with a guy who specializes in helping Injured Veterans get  rehabilitated and trained to get jobs that are better suited to their disabilities.

Court: At court awhile back the judge gave us a parenting agreement that worked around his fathers 2nd shift work schedule and allowed him to be here with me every night. He did not agree with it and fought the order which has resulted in us being ordered to conciliation. We will meet with the FOC and bring any paper evidence we have and try to come to an agreement on custody. If we do not reach an agreement they will make one for us. If we do not agree with their decision we will be able to fight that one.  I am very curious how that will go. So far it has been a big mess and poor Alex is caught in the middle.

About those hot mama boots. I am pretty sure I can fit back into them now as I am finally under 150...I am 5' 8" or 5'9" so I am okay with that weight. I have lost around 40 pounds that was gained from having Matthew. Sheww.. Never thought I would get back into them. I just won't wear as short a skirt as I used to. I don't think my husband would like that. :)

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