Monday, October 22, 2012

Very Excited to show you all what I won! Furniture under $500 #GWgrand @Gardner-White

I did also find many items under $500
such as the ones pictured above.
 That couch and love seat is on sale this week for $499.
Last week I entered to try to win the Gardner-White blogging contest. They gave away a Grand to the first place winner MichiGal along with 2  $500 gift cards for Saving Dollars and Sense and Myself! The winners were to be notified privately on Monday and not share that they won until it was announced today.  Since I did not get an email on Monday I thought someone else won. On Wednesday when I got the email I was so excited I got tears in my eyes. :) My Entry can be found here. I looked around to see what I could buy for under $500 and   found out Gardner white is having another contest.  Go to their site and look around and get $1 off a qualified purchase for every cupcake you find. I wish I had giveaways that were that great for you all. I am choosing to use my Gift card to purchase

This Dining Room Table. It is under $500 without the chairs. It extends 130 inches and is 36 inches wide.It will be perfect for my family. I also already have chairs that I can use with it so it is perfect. I really love that Living Room set as well but this will be great for our large family to enjoy our family dinner.


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