Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Menu for another Busy Week

This week James II and Sierra Start Preschool. Last week we had parent orientation and got to see the improvements that were made on the School. When we had first went in to sign them up the school smelled like mold and Mildew so we were planning on sending them to another school instead. We were glad to see they took all floors, ceilings and walls out.  They  renovated the entire building. Because of the renovations school is starting late and will run through July this year. We were willing to wait for the renovations as we like the school better than the other Preschool in our area. I have found that they are very welcoming to parent volunteers and so I prefer them.  They now have a sewer problem and will have to wait to start until Wednesday. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.  When we start to have a normal schedule we will have some less simple meals but until then here is our easy Menu again this week. We also have Well child check ups and things to go to this week so we will be busy during the days all week.

Stouffers Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Rice Bake added to 2 bags of boil in the bag rice with extra cheese added. (this makes the meal go farther for a large family)

Tuesday: Smoky links wrapped in Biscuits  The links are on sale this week at Plumbs. Buy 7 and get $7.00 off making them about $1.47 each. the Pillsbury Biscuits are on sale 4/$5

Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken Viola On sale at plumbs this week for $3.99 I serve this with extra veggies and rice as well to make it go farther. I also use 3 bags.

Smoked Grillers which are also on sale at plumbs this week buy 7 and get 7$ off making them $1.47 per package. 

Friday: Hamburger Helper as It was on sale for $1.00 per box at Save-A-Lot

 I will be trying some fellow bloggers Recipes starting next week. We are getting bored with the same recipes, and I thought it would be fun to ask other bloggers for links to their favorite easy meals.

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Lindsey Clair said...

Great menu! I need to get back into the routine of menu planning. I was doing so well. I guess I need inspiration and motivation from other moms, haha! Thanks for sharing.

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