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Bored this Weekend? Enter all 10 of the Michigan Business Giveaways and you can enter to win a $200 Electric Heater Fireplace

Winner Susan Cole
If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone in your area, a local business is a great place to start looking. I know it is easy to just go grab something from your local big business store where most of the items are made in China, but this year you could make it special by buying something local. We all want to see our towns beautified with all the shops instead of seeing an empty run down building sitting where our favorite little shops used to be. Click to see more and enter

 In my town we have a Christmas Walk every year.   Light  illuminates through the beautiful  stained glass windows of  our  Church down town. The snow dances through the air as the sound of Clydesdale tromping down the streets and children laughing on their horse drawn carriage ride fills your heart.  The air is filled with the smell of chestnut roasting on an open fire and the sound of Christmas carols. Santa and Mrs. Clause are busy at the bank waiting patiently for the children to tell them what they want for Christmas.

In the center of town we are very privileged to have a Large Christmas Tree that is decorated throughout the week by the school children.The event includes the whole community. As community members gather around  the tree the event is kicked off with the lighting of the tree ceremony. I can not imagine a Christmas without the Christmas walk.It is a family tradition for us to go and brave the cold. This event is sponsored by local businesses. I began noticing that other communities have this event as well.

Drive or stroll around your town and look around to see what you can find in the small shops. Some gifts I have bought in my town, have been some of my husbands most treasured gifts. The shop owners take special care to cater to their local customers.  You can find great products that you won't always find at a superstore. At a recent visit to Gala Gourmet Kitchen Shop, I felt like I knew her worker when I left and knew I would be back to stop to browse and say hello. When I left my Travel mug that I got for a review in the store she took the extra time to take it down to my mother in laws shop for me.  When I need supplies for a project, I know I can count on Cronks Ace Hardware to take the time to help me find the right product. I can also save the gas money by shopping local rather than drive 45 minutes to pick up something. In one of my favorite stores, The  Log Carpenter, They have a gift registry. I can tell them some of the items I like and have my husband stop in and check it out when he is looking for holiday gifts for me.  All of these stores are GREAT places to find Christmas gifts. I feel like it is better to buy a few gifts that mean something than to throw a million various gifts you find at a superstore at someone. Who really wants Ties and Socks for Christmas? Unless of course it is Smart Wool socks that you find at 37 north.

I am hosting giveaways for some of our local Businesses where you can "Like there Facebook page for an entry to win some great products.  If you are not in our area you can still enter all of these Except Tlc and Mel Trotter and have products shipped to you. I cant ship the photographer to your area, although I am sure Trish would appreciate a vacation. :) If you enter all of these giveaways and live where you could pick up the grand prize   you can get entered into the contest for the Grand prize. In this crazy Michigan weather we could all use this Maya Fireplace that I have up for grabs. This is about 2 ft  high and perfect for any space.  You can have the light on with no heat or heat and lights at the same time. It also has  low and high heat settings.This is a Prize   valued at $200 Entering all the contests is mandatory to win this and all entries will be checked. If you need help to learn how to enter the giveaways please see the Post here on how to enter.
Remember this Table I was going to get with the $500 I won from Gardner-White? You can see my contest entry here!
Well, When I got to the Canton store  they had discontinued  selling them so I bought 5 of these heaters . They
Were too far away for me to come back and pick up any other item before the gift certificate would
expire.   I decided I better buy something. I began buying a full sized Fireplace but the salesmen told me
I would have to come back and pick that up so I picked out 5 of these as they do not keep items in stock there and it is
a show room only. I was so looking forward to having a dinner with all of
us at one table. If you see one around for that low priced let me know. This was
only 499 for the table alone before they discontinued it. That is how I have one of these fireplaces to
give to one of you. I thought it would be nice to help out
the businesses I am promoting and I gave one of them to my dad also as he
is getting switched to natural gas and has no heat for a few more days while the gas company gets the lines run.
You can see the items I was looking at under 500 here

Enter all of these First AND SCROLL DOWN TO ENTER THE GRAND PRIZE IF YOU ARE AROUND NEWAYGO COUNTY AND CAN MEET ME TO PICK UP YOUR PRIZE. Remember most of these giveaways listed are open the the U.S.

The one I am giving away is black and Brand New in the box.
You must be able to meet meet in our area to pick this up if you win! 

Disclosure: I received free hair care products and Sinus Pillows in exchange for their posts. Other than that I have done this giveaway for free. All opinions are my own and I just wanted to share some ideas for shopping in your local area and mine to help support your local economy. Grand Prize is sponsored by me.


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It is nice to have all these giveaways in one spot. Thank you.

Heidi Meek said...

LOL well it is VERY generous of you to give a heater away. I entered the Gardner White thing but my post was slightly lame hehe. Glad you won but sad you couldn't get your gorgeous table. They must be similar to Art Van then. Good luck finding a good table that fits your family.

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These are some wonderful giveaways! TY for sharing these with us :)


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Great Giveaway! Thank you!

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They have quite a few stores down there but they were too far to drive to the one it is stored at, by the time we finally got there after Jims Va appointment. Thanks

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Awesome giveaways!

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