Monday, November 19, 2012

#GivingFortified Fill in the blank. I promise to ___ the future! Enter to win a bag and Baby Bib

Today, I was surprised by a package from an organization that I support. I had seen that they sell items in their store where 100% of the  proceeds go to help feed children in need and wanted one of these bags. I love that you can fill in the blank on your tote with whatever you want. Once I received the bag, I realized I would rather pass this on to one of you and tell you a little more about their mission. Don't get me wrong, I love the tote. It is just that having giveaways bring attention to companies and organizations and it is my small part in helping out.  In my package, I received 2 pencils a baby bib and the tote.  I was surprised by the size of the tote and how well made it is. It is canvas and has a pocket inside that snaps shut, as well as 2 snaps to close the bag with. It is also 100% recycled. This Giveaway has ended click to see the winner.

Future Fortified is an organization that provides Nutrition Packets that can be sprinkled on food for pregnant women and Children. The packets add vitamins to everyday food. Many of us know that Pregnancy and the first years of a child's life are an important time to for Brain Development. A child's Future depends on this crucial time of development. These packets cost 3 cents a day and can help provide a child with a healthy future. If you feel moved to donate to this cause you can get one of these totes feel free to check out the site.

You can enter to win the bag and the bib here and I will ship it to you in the U.S. or

Congrats to Christina D. for winning and responding to this Giveaway to claim your prize. I hope you enjoy it.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. This Bag was a Christmas Gift to me from them as thanks for my support. I was not obligated to write this post in any way nor was I obligated to give it away.


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